Windshield Replacement

The Best Windshield Replacement Company In Roswell !


There are many reasons we believe Xpress Auto Glass, Roswell is the best windshield replacement services offered in Roswell, & the Atlanta area.  Please visit our customer review page to see what others are saying!   With a combined experience of more than one hundred years, each of our technicians averaging around twenty years of expert experience and knowledge in the industry of auto glass, our auto glass windshield replacement team of technicians are indeed master auto glass experts.

When you choose Xpress Auto Glass an inexperienced installer will not be sent. We guarantee that the job we proved will be done so without short cuts which could be hazardous to your safety and the end result will be perfect. All of our workmanship has a lifetime guarantee and we stand by our claim for as long as you own your vehicle.

Wherever you are located in the Roswell and surrounding Atlanta area, our mobile windshield replacement service will come directly to you. Many of our competitors have an extra charge for their mobile services, we do not and we also will not charge you for disposal.

You have to look at your windshield as a safety device, if you are driving a vehicle with a broken windshield the structural safety is compromised, this is especially true if your line of vision is jeopardized.

We are available to provide advice on whether or not it is safe to drive with your current windshield, call us at 770-545-8118. We have master auto glass experts waiting to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your windshield, they will also be available to install a new windshield right at your workplace or wherever your vehicle is located.

What Can Be Expected During The Replacement of a Windshield


  • All of your questions will be answered by an Xpress Auto Glass Expert and the process will be thoroughly explained.
  • The clips and molding are properly removed.
  • The windshield glass is carefully removed, preventing any damage to the surfaces is crucial.
  • Any glass pieces will be handled with care avoiding that they fall into the defroster vents.
  • If necessary, for the sake of safety, the gasket may be replaced.
  • Old Urethane beading will be properly replaced and to precise mm prepares.
  • Glass is prepared with a special primer, this will open the molecules allowing for proper molding adhesive.
  • The installation area is properly cleaned of any contaminants and debris.
  • The urethane will be properly applied to the vehicle and the correct OEM original equipment windshield replacement glass will then be properly fitted.
  • Once the installation is complete, you our installer will let you know the required time to allow before you may drive away safely.


Why We Believe That Our Windshield Replacement Service Is The Very Best


A job like replacing your windshield must be done properly, this is why it is important to have a master auto glass expert handle the installation. We have been in business for over twenty five years and at Xpress Auto Glass we know what true quality is. As a matter of fact, the glass we use is original equipment manufacturer which is OEM equivalent, this means that the glass we use is exactly the same glass which your car had the second it came off the assembly line.

One of the most important safety structures of your vehicle is in fact the windshield, the windshield actually provides around forty five percent of all your cabin safety.  Your car windshield really is an integral part of the safety structure that keeps you and your family safe, it is important to have a new windshield which has been perfectly installed. Could you imagine how terrible it would be to be in an accident and have the windshield fly off instead of protect you?

A Windshield is a Safety Feature & Protects You By:

  • Protects you from being crushed by the roof if your vehicle were to rollover.
  • Allowing for proper deployment of the airbags.
  • Prevent passengers from being ejected from the vehicle.

Many big name companies use power cutting systems when replacing the windshields, these ways of cutting are not as precise and can actually cause the windshield to not properly fit as well as damage to the vehicle, we do not. The methods we employed are done by hand, this is very exact and the windshield replacement is safer and of higher quality.

If you would like to have your windshield replaced by the best company in Roswell, with one hundred percent guarantee on the workmanship then give us a call at Xpress Auto Glass, Roswell 770-545-8118.