OEM Auto Glass

Advantages Of Using OEM Equivalent Auto Glass

As professionals in the auto glass industry, here at Xpress Auto Glass, Roswell we strongly urge you to use nothing but OEM equivalent glass when you need to replace broken glass anywhere on your vehicle. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” In practice, what OEM means is that OEM equivalent glass is designed to the exact same specifications called for by your vehicle’s manufacturer when it was first built. It is, basically, the exact same glass that would be fitted to your car in the factory.

All auto glass that qualifies as OEM equivalent is produced to meet or exceed the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). Using the original manufacturer’s specifications also guarantees that you’re not going to encounter any issues with the way your replacement glass fits or the way it interacts with your vehicle’s other components. Whenever you have broken or damaged glass on your car, replacing it with OEM equivalent glass is the smart solution.

Of course, we wouldn’t be taking the time to stress the value of OEM equivalent glass if there weren’t other options out there. Cheaper auto glass is usually called “aftermarket glass” in our industry. It’s not produced to the same rigorous standards, producing a cheaper – but inferior – result. Although aftermarket glass is often produced in the right shape and size to fit your vehicle, the other specifications required by the original manufacturer are often ignored. This can compromise the structural integrity of your car and lead to a reduction in overall safety. Less serious but common problems also include leaking and wind noise.

Xpress Auto Glass, Roswell has worked with industry-leading glass manufacturers for over 30 years. Today we stand firmly behind our customers and deliver only the highest quality results by relying on OEM equivalent glass for all our repairs.

The glass manufacturers we work with are intimately involved in all stages of the auto glass production process, and in many cases they make significant contributions to the design process of new materials. Windshield design, for example, has evolved considerably over time. From the windshield which wraps around a vehicle’s sides (the Panoramic model) to one which extends well into the roofline (the Ceilo model), our manufacturers have been there every step of the way. Continued refinements in design and materials have also led to significant improvements in optical clarity, aerodynamic performance, resistance to environmental wear, wiper function, noise control, and more.

The same companies that produce our OEM replacement glass are responsible for some of the biggest innovations in automotive glass design that have ever been made. They’ve been designing, testing, evaluating, and installing revolutionary new glass for more than a century. Their hard work has been embraced by car manufacturers who are eager to take full advantage of their expertise; this is what’s led to a constant, consistent improvement in the quality of the glass fitted to new cars over time.

When you’re deciding how to deal with a broken piece of auto glass, rest assured that Xpress Auto Glass, Roswell will provide everything you need to get a repair that’s every bit as safe and dependable as your original glazing. It’s true that our premium sealants and highly trained technicians have an important role to play, but the greatest guarantee of top quality results is the use of OEM equivalent auto glass.